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Class 7, Social Science

NCERT Book for Class 7 Social Science are considered to be most important books while preparing for Class 7 exam. The students must ensure that all the contents of the Social Science textbook are appropriately understood. The concepts in the book are nicely and adequately explained, which are easy to memorize and understand. Subject matter experts designed these textbooks according to NCERT syllabus of Class 7 Social Science. Social Science subject is sub-divided into three parts – History, Geography and Civics. We at BYJU’S provide downloadable PDF of Social Science textbook for Class 7 students.

The book also has exercise questions and answers between the chapters and at the end of chapters. It helps students to understand the concepts quickly. Students are advised to be thorough with their textbook to score satisfactory marks in the exam. Books are an important source when it comes to clearing doubts, learning difficult concepts, etc. So, students of Class 7 can get both English and Hindi version of NCERT book for Class 7 Social Science from the table mentioned below.

From the below-mentioned table CBSE Class 7 students can access textbooks of History, Geography and Civics.